Isla Reta Talikud

Are you planning to visit Davao City this 2017 and you’re looking for places where you can relax and unwind without spending too much? I  recommend that you include Isla Reta in your Itinerary because this is one of my favorite spots in Samal del Norte.

Why? See Photos Below!



  • Bring your own food and drinks. Products inside the resort are too pricey!
  • Bring your tent and other camping stuff.
  • Bring your snorkeling gear because it’s the best spot to see beautiful and colorful little  Nemos and their friends even if when low tide.
  • Day tour, the entrance fee is only 100. Take note, last trip to catch from resort to Davao City is 3 PM. Thus, it’s so bitin bes!
  • Keep your Entrance Fee Receipt because you will need it when paying your boarding pass back to Sta Ana Wharf, Davao.
  • Best time to travel going to Isla Reta resort is 9’ in the morning.



Trisikad going to Sta. Ana Port (Round Trip) 20.00
Boat Fare (Round Trip) 140.00
Entrance Fee (Overnight) 200.00
Food 300.00
Total 660.00 PHP

For more info and boat schedule, please visit their facebook page. That’s all for now about Garden City of Samal Friends.Go Travel!




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