Camotes Island, Cebu

Here’s your affordable way to spend  your long weekend at Camotes Island, Cebu.


Bus Fare (Ceres Aircon) from Cebu Nor. Terminal to Danao Port ₱60.00
Boat from Danao Port to Consuelo Port ₱180.00
Terminal Fee ₱5.00
Tricycle in Consuelo Port to Santiago Bay ₱50.00
Total ₱295.00/ 1 Way  Trip

Rental Expense

  • Scooter Motor Rental: ₱500.00/day but can be ₱400.00/day if rented for 2 days (Driver’s license Not required)


  • Seaside Guest House: 0929-427-8567/ (Fan and Common Cr): ₱300.00/day/room good for 2.  It is located in Pamatasan Northern Poblacion, San Francisco. The Owner is  accommodating and very nice.  From Santiago Bay, you can drive using your hired scooter (recommended) or ride a motorcycle ₱75- ₱ 100.00

Places You Can Visit in Camotes

  • Santiago Bay Resort: ₱100 entrance fee with swimming pool and food prices are above 100 but large servings thumbs-up
  • San Francisco Baywalk- No Entrance Fee. Bbq place and you can buy fish in their Market then ask for bbq stall to grill it for you.  ₱10-25  thumbs-up
  • Timubo Cave- ₱10.00 Toll Fee
  • Lake Danao- ₱10. 00 Toll Fee
  • Mangudlong Rock Resort- No Entrance Fee
  • Buho Rock Resort- ₱20.00 Entrance Fee

Those are the top spots in Camotes if you just want something accessible.  There are a lot of places you can explore if you are driving though nothing much to explore in the northern part of the Island. If you want more nature experience, you may also try Camotes waterfalls, no entrance fee beaches near Danao Lake and a few caves in the island that usually for sightseeing. 😀

Posted photos are No Filter and  No Angle Shots, just normal so you will see the real beauty of the place.


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