Bantayan Island, Cebu

Weekend Getaway at Bantayan Island, Cebu.

Transportation Expense

Bus Fare (Ceres Aircon) from Cebu Nor. Terminal to Hagnaya Port ₱180.00  (4 hrs Travel)
Boat from Hagnaya Port to Sta Fe ₱170.00
Terminal Fee ₱10.00
Tricycle in Bantayan Port to Accomodation ₱20.00
Total ₱380.00/ 1 Way  Trip

Rental Expense

  • Scooter: ₱250.00/day
  • Bike: ₱150.00/day


  • Bantayan Cottages (Fan and Common Cr): ₱400.00/day

Places You Can Visit

  • Kota Beach Resort (Camp Sawi)- No Entrance Fee
  • Sta Fe Beach Club- No Entrance Fee
  • Ogtong Cave- Entrance Fee: ₱100.00/ Person with unlimited use of swimming pool
  • Sugar Beach- Temporary Closed
  • Bantayan Nature’s Park- Entrance Fee: ₱100 and  ₱200  w/ unlimited use of swimming pool
  • Kota sa Madridejos- No Entrance Fee

Photos below are no filter and no angle shots so that you will see the real beauty of Bantayan Island.


You can tour around the island if you wish to explore. It took us 3 hours travel using our hired scooter.

Go Travel!


12 thoughts on “Bantayan Island, Cebu

  1. Reblogged this on A.E.W. and commented:
    Spending college in Cebu but I wasn’t that beach lover that time. Slight regrets but Will be Spending good times here SOON!.
    Thank you for your blog. @dabawenyang Laagan


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